Introducing WS365. That's "Water Safety 365". It's our commitment to help keep the people of North Richland Hills safe in and around water, 365 days a year.

just. like. that.


Recently, we learned in the hardest way possible that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for kids ages 1 - 4. Worse yet, it's the 5th leading cause overall in children of all ages. Recently, in our city, a four year old boy lost his life in a tragic drowning accident in his own backyard. It happened just. like. that...quickly and silently, before his mom had time to know.

Drowning is something that always seems to happen to "someone else". We now realize we are "someone else". It's time to educate, empower and inform. It's time to take a stand against drowning. It's time for us to say "NOT ONE MORE". We encourage you to spend a few minutes learning how to stay safe in and around water, all year long.

The mission of the WS365 initiative is to educate and empower the community in water safety to lessen the loss of life through drowning. Our goal is Not One More.  It is our hope is that other communities and cities across the country will join us in our efforts to become a buoyant city.

Before your kids jump in the pool...

Practice PREVENTION THROUGH ATTENTION this swim season by making sure there is

ACTIVE ADULT SUPERVISION of your kids while they are in or around the water.

Make sure you're there with them.


Teach your kids to never go around the water without a grownup.

Tips to Know

Do You Swim in a Pool?

Layers of Protection

Do you go to the lake?

Safety Tips

Do you have a bathtub?

Stay Close, Stay Alert